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Reminder to all participants (now 14 scouts and 5 adults) that your BSA Health & Medical Form - Parts A, B & C are due on Monday, June 11, 2018.  This date is in your summer camp folder.  Please also include copy of insurance card (both sides on one page), and copy of scout shot record.  However, if you cannot have these ready by Monday, June 11 - you can have until Monday, June 18 to drop all forms off at my house.  Please make sure that you do use the Checklist that is attached to the forms, to review all forms for completion before turning in.  This is for:  Sean J, Mr. Jannati, Preston K, Sebastian L, Mrs. Lorenzo, Shannon P, Shivam S, Collin S, Jeremy S, Mr. Sy, and Noah T.


Thank you to the 8 who have already turned in their Medical Forms - Mr. Fulton, Jake J, Ranjeev J, Sanjeev J, Brody L, Zachary V, Mr. Valiga, and Jay W.


I also need the following from these adults (and these are due by Monday, 6/11/18):

Mr. Jannati - Adult In Camp State Compliance Form

Mr. Sy - Adult In Camp State Compliance Form, copy of completion certificate for new Youth Protection Training


New this year to Trevor Rees-Jones summer camp - Cowboy Action Shooting activity to be held on Thursday evening for scouts who are 14 years of age, or 13 have completed 8th grade.  These older scouts will get to shoot rifle, pistol, and shotgun at moving targets.. Adults will also have chance to do this same activity on Friday morning.  I show just 3 scouts who will be eligible for this activity - Sean J, Sanjeev J, and Shivam S.  These 3 scouts plus the 4 adults in camp on Friday, will need to complete and sign the attached form (copy was also in folder), and turn that in to me on Monday, June 11 as well.


Please remember that your Baggage Check will be held on Friday, July 6 from 6:45 - 7 :45 pm at Bent Tree in room J115.  I will send more reminders as we get closer to that date.


Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Experience the mountaintop adventure at Camp A! Camp Alexander is located in the beautiful Elevenmile Canyon in the Pike National Forest approximately 45 miles west of Colorado Springs, and two miles south of Lake George, in Park County, Colorado. Camp Alexander is between 8200 and 8600 feet elevation.

In addition to camp fun and earning merit badges, your troop experience should also include hiking/biking/fishing in the beautiful Elevenmile Canyon and Pike National Forest that surrounds Camp Alexander. Gold Medal trout streams, fresh mountain air, clear cool nights full of stars! Our camp is ready for adventure!



**Please note: The physical address is not computable with Google Maps or any GPS units as it is not a true postal address. You can use Lake George city as a reference point and then follow the directions below.

From Colorado Springs, follow Highway 24 west to the town of Lake George. Entering the town of Lake George, take the first left onto County Road 96.  A good landmark for this turn is Starky’s General Store.  Turn South just before the store. (If you cross the river on Highway 24 West, you have gone too far!)

Follow County Road 96 (about 1 mile) to the 11-Mile Canyon Entrance. Turn right into 11-Mile Canyon and proceed to the Forest Ranger Station. Tell the gate attendant that you are heading to Camp Alexander, as entry fee is free.

Follow 11-Mile Canyon past Riverside Campground about 2 miles (watch for oncoming traffic!).  Look for the Camp Entrance on the left.  Follow the road to the parking lot where a staff guide will greet you and take you to your campsite.

Care Packages:

Good news, Camp Alexander has now posted the link to order Camp Alexander Care Packages for your scout (or adult).  The link is:  They do have a choice for 4 packages - same as the flier that was in your packet of forms.  You will enter the name of the scout (or adult) receiving the package, the troop number, select Week 3, and then enter your name and email.  It will then take you to a second screen to pay.  All orders must be in before Thursday evening the week before your scout is at camp, which is June 15.  Packages are delivered at evening flag ceremony during the week at camp.


Medical Forms:


Here is the link for the BSA Medical Forms, if you want to be able type directly into the forms, instead of completing by hand.  Go to http://www/  Then go to the section that says "Are You Going to Camp?" and download the forms - you will need Parts A, B and C.  Please remember to add Harold Sickler and his cell 214-455-1091 to Part A as an authorized adult, and on Part B as unit leader.  Also on Part B, Council name/number is Circle Ten/571 and our unit number is 714.


I do need original Medical Forms for Camp Alexander - I can not accept fax copies or email copies.  I have asked for all Medical Forms to be turned in by Monday, June 5, 2017 (at Troop Court of Honor).  Please make arrangements now to schedule a physical, if you have not had one since June 24, 2016 (all scouts and adults do need a physical).  You can contact your regular doctor's office, or go to a clinic (clinics like PrimaCare may offer a special rate for a summer camp physical), or some pharmacies now have care clinics and will do physicals.  Also, all participants do need to have had a tetanus (also know as a dtap, tdap) shot within the last 10 years. If you have already had a physical after June 24, 2016, then contact your doctor's office and ask about dropping off the Part C form to be completed with this information and signed, and get a signature on page 2 of Part B also for scout forms.  Do not wait until June to schedule your physical.


I do ask all scouts and adults going to summer camp to complete a new set of BSA Medical Forms, even if you just joined the troop and completed Parts A and B.  The purpose of this, is that these medical forms will also be used by the troop for the next scout year (through May 2018).  I will make an extra copy of the forms for the Troop Medical Forms Book (and you will not have to complete these in August when the rest of the troop will need to).  I request that you fill in a date of late May or early June next to the signature lines on Part A, so the form can be used through next May.  It does not matter when the doctor signs and dates Part C.  Please remember that for all scouts this year, the doctor also needs to sign on page 2 of Part B, under the Medications section (even if no medications listed).  You will need to check "yes" for Non-prescription medicaiton administration for scouts to be able to even get a tylenol or benedryl from the Health Lodge at camp.  And parent also need to sign under the Medications section.  You can also request an update shot record for your scout - keep a copy for yourself, and attach a copy for the troop records. 


Do not forget to make a copy of your medical insurance card - both side on one page, and centered.  When the card is copied at the top edge or the left edge, it does cut off when making extra copies, so that is why I ask for the card copies to be centered on the page.


Any medications that will be listed on the Medication Log Forms, also need to be listed on Part B of the Medical Form.  You do need to list all rescue medication, such as rescue inhalers and epi pens.  And you do need a prescription label for these also - you may need to ask your pharmacist to print a duplicate label for you (in case the label was on the box and you no longer have the box).


Please review the Troop 714 Checklist for completing Medical Forms for summer camp 2017, before you turn in the BSA Medical Forms, to double check that you have completed everything correctly and completely.


Please contact me at directly, if you have additional questions.