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Scout Leadership:
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My name is Jennifer Paine, and I got involved in scouting when my twin boys joined Webelos 5 years ago. I am happy to say that they just completed their requirements for Eagle Scout as of October 2018!  I am passionate about Scouting because the life skills and leadership skills that are learned in the program really accelerate boys turning into responsible men. I have been amazed watching my own boys’ growth. I also enjoyed accompanying them on campouts and like to encourage moms to participate in the troop as much as they desire! As the Webelos coordinator, I love to share the vision of Scouts and the philosophy of our troop so visitors can determine the best fit for their boys.  Please see the Webelos page for more information on how to join our amazing Troop!

Phone: (214) 683-0600


Laura coordinates all aspects of Troop 714.


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